1409 Keno. Deal or no Deal is second on this evaluation as well so it certainly is a preferred play. These types of games play havoc with my rating system. Sports Interaction obviously lets you bet on sports and this is another standout feature of the site if you like to bet on sports and play casino games. This area had been a minefield for several months but we now have a game to play. 1714. Each game is devoid of Top Prizes. Thanks to Darth Vader for posting information as to Grand Prizes claimed yesterday. 200 but there are over 1000 of them left to be claimed. 100,000 and all those Grand Prizes had been claimed. Money Multiplier was in line to run its course but the problem of those outstanding Grand Prizes remains. Regardless, the OLG sticks to its story line. But interest rates were higher then, and Ontarians quickly soured on the province’s scary-looking bottom line.

1810 – Well rated on both scales. 1866 – New game is selling well and moving up. The new Cash For Life game and Money Multiplier are both good choices. Payments are processed in CAD and players can only credit their accounts via Visa or Mastercard, provided they have been issued in Canada by a Canadian bank. I have a problem with the new Cash For Life. 1846 starts its life as the 7th rated game. JP2 also worked tirelessly to share the dignity of all life and our call to love freely, fully, faithfully and fruitfully. 1790 – Only 1 of 6 Grand Prizes left. Note – Instead of rating these games with large numbers of small grand prizes in comparison to regular games, I have created a sub-category just for these sorts of games. 100 with the ratio of Top Prizes remaining (all prizes listed on the OLG Outstanding List Page) with the prize money left for those same prizes.

100,000 prize on the ticket, I thought ‘yeah, right,’ ” she said, at the OLG prize centre in Toronto recently. 100,000 each, were sold in the Barrie area, Burlington and Toronto. 21 of every dollar spent on the game will go to that Grand Prize winner. 10 worth of 50/50 tickets I bought at the Gatineau Olympiques playoff game this past week. 3 game with a significant float size of almost 9 million tickets. A review of each game is contained in the comments to last week’s post. You presently have one chance in 120,000 to get the last prize. There remain 5 games for sale without a grand prize among them. I’m going to visit their web site and compare it to our own in terms of disclosure and the fairness of the games. I’m going to work this week on a measure that captures that element. I came across a young woman sitting on a bench this week who had bought two tickets – a Horse Shoes ticket and a Scrabble ticket.

My system does not permit me to buy tickets mid week. Another poster suggested that the OLG produce an "App" that could be used to check tickets. After double checking her win on the OLG Lottery app, Loretta started dreaming. 20. I know it’s not a huge win but nicely done nonetheless. Do you want large Grand Prizes, many Grand Prizes, lots of middle prizes, lots of smaller prizes, most winning tickets? 60 and I am certain that if there was a big winner among the six, that I would miss it when taking only 4 of the tickets. Ouellette says he purchased the tickets while doling a good deed for his friend. It was purchased at a oynanan-futbol.ml/fenerbahce_nin_basketbol_kadrosu.html Hasty Market on Queen Street in Brampton. I enjoyed TMF’s comments on what he looks for in a game. 2 game. Nothing else to recommend. 1. Game is sold out. Their luck has finally run out. Applications can be mailed in or filled out at the casinos, each of which has its own credit department that runs background checks. We’re still a long way out from Christmas.